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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 14 Mar 2012

A web site needs constant maintenance in order to work properly. If it is too large or too complex, it can be a very long and tedious task. Besides telling you what is right or wrong with a web site, Hello Engines! will also help you optimize it to make it more visible on search engines. Due to the straightforward options you will find on its interface, you can fix your site without having to write any code.

You can install this software, without any problems, on any Windows version, from Win 98 to Win 7. The package will take up 7.79 Mb of free space, which should not be too much to download or store on a hard drive. After a swift installation process, you can run the program right away, without needing to make any Internet related settings.

The interface's design is nothing you have not encountered before. A web site's info will be listed on the main area and related options will be available on a toolbar. You can switch between different sections via buttons, found in a column, on the left side. You can find different sets of details and different toolbar buttons in each section.

Before accessing certain sections of the interface, a new project must be created. This can be done with the aid of a wizard, which can be launched by clicking the New button, in the Project Files category. During its stages, you need to insert a wide range of descriptions for the web site, including its language, category, contact information, keywords and more.

After creating a project, you can find new options in the various sections of the interface. An analysis of your web site can be created in the Website Analysis category. You can select certain aspects to be analyzed, like Google Page Rank, site age and many more. They are found in a long list and they can be selected by clicking their designated check boxes. After the process is done, a report will be displayed in the Complete analysis section.

Hello Engines! also offers optimization and submission options for a web site. The Website Optimization section will display a list of problems which may be fixed by selecting one in the list and clicking the Fix Problem button on the toolbar. If you want to submit your web site to one or more search engines, you will have to go to the Website Submission category, where you will find a list of search engines, along with details like rating, page rank and more. You only have to select one or more engines with the aid of check boxes, click the Submit button on the toolbar, and the software will do the rest.


Using the tools provided by Hello Engines!, it is easy to fix a web site's problems or submit it to a search engine. Everything can be done by selecting items from lists and clicking toolbar buttons, without needing to write complex code lines.


Some features are not available in the trial version. Hello Engines! can provide you with fast and effective solutions for fixing a web site or submitting it to a search engine. The user friendly interface and easy to understand options will help you save valuable time.

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